Monday, 16 December 2013

Kicking back with my Minecraft PLN

A lot of fun and learning has been had with my Minecraft professional learning network (PLN) of friends!

Thanks players and educators:

  • MasterNomNom (Host and Facilitator)
  • SarumanTheWise (Master Builder)
  • Aeau
  • CrazyBlops
  • Viviene5
  • CaptainFlint
  • JonesyTheTeacher
  • EduElfie
  • Fedsie [^+^]

This is where we play...

Hosted and facilitated by +Nick Patsianas @nickpatsianas

Designed and built by @NBooth005

Educators (including students) brainstorming and collaborating in Minecraft about Minecraft

Having a laugh...

Some serious building...

Here are some Minecraft friends and their adventures...

Hello, my name's Fedsie and I'm a penquin!

I like horses...

...and dogs...

...and water of course!

A day in the life of a dogg...