Google in the Classroom

Getting started with Google in the Classroom

I've been inspired or impressed by a number of simple video tutorials on using Google Apps in the classroom. Here is my compilation.

Google Classroom

This is a brief introduction to getting started with Google Classroom including how to set up a class, add students, create assignments and add files from Google Drive, YouTube videos or links. It also shows how students submit assignments and how teachers can review and grade them.

Learn more about Google Classroom.

Google Forms

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use Google Forms to create online forms, surveys and quizzes.

Learn more about Google Forms.

Google Slides

This video tutorial introduces new users to Google Slides. It demonstrates how to enter text, images, video, and how to add features such as word art, bullet points, animations and transitions. It also shows a great feature called Research.

You can even embed Google Slides in blogs, wikis and websites by clicking File and then choosing Publish to Web.

Choose: File > Publish to Web

Learn more about Google Slides.

Google Calendar

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use Google Calendar for lesson planning.

Learn more about Google Calendar.

Google Gmail

This is a useful video tutorial for conducting searches within your gmail account.

Learn more about Google Gmail.

Google Drawings

This is a great video tutorial on using Google Drawings to create vector portraits.

Learn more about Google Drawings.