Saturday, 18 January 2014

Creating animated GIF's using GifGrabber

Here's an easy way to create animated GIFs using an iPhone or iPad and the app called GifGrabber.

Animated GIF created using GifGrabber

Follow these easy instructions to learn how to use the GifGrabber app and your choice of YouTube video to create animated GIFs.

I discovered a simple and easy-to-use app iPhones and iPads for creating animated gif's. It's called GifGrabber and it's free.  I did find that if you don't want your gif's to be too large (as in width and height), then it is better to make them on your iPhone.

Here's how it works.

Search for a YouTube video you want to clip from. Be as specific as you can be. 

Play through the video until you find the section you want to clip. 

Then hold to capture for up to 5 seconds. 

Save your clip. 

Go to My GiFs.

You can email your GiF or save it to your device. 

Here are a few others that I created.